Apple Mail and EML support, when did that happen?

A long standing headache of email has been when people forward email from Outlook/Exchange and they show up as .EML attachments on your end. Unless you had a licensed copy of Outlook installed, it was nigh impossible to open and read that format.

Today, I downloaded an EML file, and was happily surprised to find that on Mojave could read and manage this file with no issues.

This may be a small thing for most, and I might have overlooked the capability before, but I’m thinking this may be a recent addition to Mail?

Just thought I’d mention it, if others have had the same problems with this file type.

I was definitely able to open EML files on High Sierra, our Ticket system at work attaches all emails sent regarding a ticket to it, and it’s quite useful to be able to see why things are formatted weirdly when that happens! I think this was working on Sierra too.

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Thanks Rose!

Come to think of it, I might be confusing EML with the “Winmail.dat” attachments. I used to have the “Letter Opener” app for these.

Still happy to be able to read EML though :slight_smile:

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I think that’s possible, every so often one of those pops up here and it causes havoc :wink:

Yeah, .eml is the default format for You’re thinking of either the winmail.dat file or outlook’s default format of .msg (which still cant read).

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