Apple Mail and GMAIL with IMAP Archive and Trash Labels


Currently I have Apple Mail set up with several various email accounts including Gmail.

Gmail is set up as IMAP.

On gmail settings website page > LABELS

I had All Mail > show in IMAP. Just got quite annoying since it would show way too much garbage email.

So I unchecked show in IMAP.

Now my Apple mail it’s showing much less garbage email

next as a test - I chose to archive 1 gmail. It turns out that it showed a new IMAP LABEL = [Imap]/Archive

it moved it to there.

It seems this is a better set up going forward.

note: MOSTLY Just using Apple mail (not gmail website)…

Q: I’m a bit confused about folder labels like [Imap]/Archive and [Imap]/Trash. Should I just leave them as is or should I create a better name for them? How can I do this either on the gmail website or through Apple mail?

Q: I archived 1 email on gmail website and I guess it went to All Mail - and I can not see it in apple mail (cause I dumped show in IMAP). When I archived 1 mail in apple mail it went to the [Imap]/Archive label (and shows on both apple mail and website)

… hmmm any better way to manage all this?

Creating [Imap]/Archive is normal behavior with Apple Mail when you hide All Mail then archive a message with And AFAIK you can rename it and everything will function normally going forward except (if memory serves) you won’t be able to search for messages received before you hid the All Mail label/folder.

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