Apple Mail and GMAIL

I have a problem with my GMAIL accounts and Apple Mail application.
Whenever I open the application, GMAIL accounts do not connect and it is noted “connection error” …
But if I open the account preferences and I check “Calendar” for exemple, it will force the connection and everything is OK. Then I release …
But it’s quite painful …
An idea? Thanks

Simplest way to solve this is to nuke and pave the account:

Quit Mail app
Open system preferences > internet accounts
Select the Gmail account and remove it by clicking the “-“ button
Add the Gmail account back by clicking the “+” button.

For good measure you could check the keychain for any left over Gmail related imap, pop, smtp Keys’s and remove them BEFORE you add the account back again.


Thank you. I’m trying :grinning:

I deleted the gmail account, then I put it back, but nothing changes! By cons I have not checked the Keychain because I do not know where to find them!

Look for any Imap, smtp and perhaps a lone pop key that is related to the effected gmail account.

Okay, but where should I look? In the library ?

Keychain app in Utilities