Apple mail compose window -- getting rid of text formatting bar

Hello MPU people
I’m trying to get rid of the text formatting bar in the Apple Mail compose window. I have messages set to compose in plain text (not html) so it’s so weird it’s there. Indeed, I don’t remember it ever being there in the past.

See here (arrow is pointing to the bar I mean)

Any remedies?

Thanks, Simon

I you Right-Click the toolbar, you can add the Format option and hide it from there. After you’ve hidden it, you can remove that if you want.

Thanks. I meant to say in my original post that I’d done plenty of right clicking on the bar. If I right click on empty bar above I can customise that but it doesn’t include ability to remove the bar with text. Flummoxed.

When you right slick and choose Customize Toolbar, add the Format button to the Toolbar. Clicking that button on the toolbar will hide or show the format bar.

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Amazing! And kind of backward. But thanks so much for taking the time to help me out.

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