Apple Mail - "downloading" messages

Trying Apple Mail again after using Outlook, then Spark, for a bit. Liking it, but trying to figure out if the regular “downloading x,000 messages” process is normal? I gather it may really just be re-syncing and not actually downloading, but, how to know if this is normal or is it a sign something is off…

Is there a log somewhere to see what emails it actually “downloaded”? Would that help me if so? Should I just let it do it’s thing and ignore it?

Apple Mail actually downloads all messages. You can choose to download only recent attachments or none at all under Mail/Settings/Account.


right - I should have been more clear. I went ahead and downloaded everything in both accounts (gmail and Office 365) initially, so basically everything should already be downloaded. But ,the problem is how often it seems to be downloading “again”…

Happens all the time to me. I just learned to ignore it. Doesn’t seem to be missing any messages, so I really don’t know what that status message means.