Apple Mail - Ghost functions from the past

Long before there was iCloud and Reminders and Notes, Apple built ‘task’ and ‘note’ syncing functionality into the MacOS Apple Mail application.

Using the latest version of Microsoft Outlook (v16.52) with ‘New Outlook’ enabled, look what suddenly appeared…

Any thoughts on where this source data lives? I would assume in Apple Mail on the server – but cannot find it outside of using Microsoft Outlook.


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If I remember correctly, those older versions of To Do’s and Notes were actually IMAP folders with specially formatted messages in them. The sync was terrible, and just about no one used them. I’d say those folders are actually IMAP mail folders leftover from the bad old days of dot Mac.

So would it be safe to delete them using Outlook? I do not see them anywhere else. [Both folders are empty.]

Pretty sure it’s safe. Especially if there is no data in there. But, you know, caveat emptor.

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