Apple Mail iOS -- word wrap vs. endless horizontal scrolling

I’m sure many of you have come across this. You receive an HTML-formatted e-mail on in Apple Mail on iOS. Everything looks normal, but when you reply to it, the text scrolls (seemingly infinitely) to the right (if you are writing English!) and never wraps. Has anyone figured out how to get around that problem? Is there a way, or is this just an issue of some errant CSS or HTML code?

I’ve never seen this but it looks like this has been an issue for several years. Supposedly when this happens it will look correct to the recipient. Setting Increase Quote Level to On is suggested.

“ Thanks for using Apple Support Communities to post your question. The Mail app in iOS automatically detects how long your sentence is to remain on one line, then will wrap the text as needed. Although it may look as if the text is not being routed to another line/sentence while typing it, once the email is sent to it’s recipient, it will show in the correct format with the text wrapped. You can try to enable the “Quote Level” feature in the Mail settings.”

That’s been my experience regarding how it looks on the receiving end. I’ve looked at sent mail and they look as you would expect. The problem is composing replies on my phone when this is happening is really hard. I’ve experienced it for a while, but I thought I’d finally ask about it. I’ll check my quote-level feature settings. Be nice if the fix was that easy. Thank you!