Apple Mail on iOS - Lorem Placeholder Emails

Lately Mail on my iPhone has been replacing emails with apparent placeholders that say “lorem” (as in lorem ipsum). It’s happening quite often and cluttering up my inbox. Anybody else have this issue, or know why it happens?

Screenshots included for reference.

How do those emails look like if you access them on a different device? Do they look the same? If so, those probably are weird spam mails.

If not, you might have an issue with your mail database on your iPhone.

Some things to try:

  1. Restart your iPhone. Everything fine again? No? Ok, step 2…

  2. Remove the mail account from mail (if it is an IMAP account so that the messages are backed up on the mail server), restart your iPhone and then add the mail account again. Everything fine now? Ok, step 3.

  3. Delete the mail app. Restart your iPhone. Restore the Mail app.

There have been several reports of this over the past months.

If not, I would recommend following the steps @Christian describes, or follow them step by step from the article below:

Thanks @JKoopmans! That article is exactly what I’m experiencing. I’ll try the steps the article and @Christian suggested and see what happens.