Apple Mail - Searching for Precise Date - Big Sur Beta

As far as I can tell in Apple Mail, you could only do a tokenized date search for an exact date in the current month. But you cannot search for an exact date in a prior month.

Well, on the current version of Apple Mail in the macOS beta, you can search for a specific date, anytime:

Here is the normal date search Apple Mail allows in a past month.
Search for whole month

Here is a search for a specific date for a few months ago:

And here is a search for a specific date several years ago.
Search for specific date in past month of past year

Has this always been there and I’ve just missed it?

I think (but don’t have a pre-Big Sur Mac to prove it) that you could always search for a specific date (e.g. Date:10/10/2019 would show mail from 10 October 2019) or date range (Date:10/10/2019-10/11/2019 returns mail from 10 October to 10 November (I’m in the UK so day before month in dates).

Maybe I just got confused because you can’t get a specific date on iOS Mail other than in the current month.

Interesting. I’m on Catalina and “Date:10/10/2019” in the Mail search field actually doesn’t work at all. It’s not like searching in Finder. On the other hand, I can create a Smart Mailbox that works for any specific day.

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Just as a FYI, I have always been able to search by date. However, I have never needed to put
“Date:” before the date. I just enter 10/20/2019 and am all good. I use this search method multiples times a day.