Apple Mail smart mailboxes

I’m trying to setup a smart mailbox to show all messages across my various Sanebox folders (sometimes I’m on top of my email and would rather look at one list vs. bouncing between a few folders).

I though this would be an easy rule to set if ANY condition is set and the conditions being “in mailbox” and selecting my various sanebox folders.

This doesn’t seem to work. No results are ever shown. Often when I try to edit the rule I’ll see that the mailboxes I’ve selected have been reset to blank.

I dont know if it matters, but its a gmail account.

Any thoughts?

Perhaps show here a screen shot of the rules you’ve set so far.

The first image is the rule when I setup it up.
Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 11.44.24 AM

After I click save, and then try to edit it, it looks like it wipes the mailbox selections. The real issue may be it is not saving the mailbox selections.

Not sure if this will help but take a look at this. There is a link if you are a gmail user.

That is exactly what I am trying to do. The issue seems to be that Apple Mail doesn’t save / preserve the smart mailbox settings.

Maybe try it with a different mailbox, not an @sane mailbox.