Apple Mail tips?

Yesterday I returned thankfully to Apple Mail on my Mac, iPhone and iPad, after several months of having been required to use Outlook.

So now I’m looking for tips, tricks, plugins and add-ons for getting the most from mail on those platforms.

Advice and suggestions?

I got some great advice from this episode of The Class Nerd. They’ve got links directly to the ideas if you’re short on time.


I build server side rules in iCloud so all my mail is sorted into subject mailboxes and appears that way on all my devices. Saves a lot of time if you get a lot of mail.

Don’t use email as a filing system. If you need to keep them, save as PDF and file away in whatever system you use.

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Here is a process I devised to sort email ala Sanebox utilising a little bit of Applescript, saves a lot of time when reviewing incoming mail - Email Triage on the cheap


@ijd65 Wow! This looks pretty nice. For how long have you been using this workflow? What are the pros and cons compared to SaneBox, besides the obvious cost savings?

I’m on the SaneBox trial right now. I like it, but this might be a great alternative.

Thanks for sharing!

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Hi @Steinmanal

I have been using it for the last few months. I was finding the management of email getting out of hand, especially if I did not attend to it everyday. Now I can focus on Email I know requires more attention while others I can generally scan and bulk delete without too much effort, ie Promotion emails.

Cost savings aside the main advantage is that I control how email is categorised, there is much more granularity available as the category can be as broad or detailed as you require.

The AppleScript’s ability to add the Sender to multiple groups is handy, ie I can add add a Sender to an Email category for the purpose of sorting but also to another Group for standard contact management.

I use BusyContacts to manage the contacts that are in multiple groups as it creates Tags for each Group which allows for easier management than the OSX Contacts app.


@ijd65 I’m going to give your script a try!

I noticed that you are using smart folders on MacOS. Is that necessary? Or can’t you use the rules to move to a standard folder?

The reason that I ask is that iOS doesn’t see the smart folders.

Thanks, again!

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