Apple mail – where are my all junk and all trash folders?

Apple mail - I cannot see the all junk or all trash folder on the left side - side bar

I do see my all inboxes and all sent and all drafts - but I do not see my all junk folder or my all trash folder.

I am assuming they are hidden somehow

Does anybody know how to get them back?

Did you close the iCloud folder on the sidebar? Here’s a picture of mine with the iCloud folder opened and closed:

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In the Mail app on Mac, search Help > Mail Help > Use favorite mailboxes in Mail on Mac.

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Thanks folks. I was able to fix this from this thread…

I was able to do what was suggested and use favorites + and add “All Junk” and “All Trash” back in.

You should be able to hover your cursor to the right of “Favorites”, just by the border and select the “+” sign.

There, you should be able to add “All Sent”.

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