Apple Maps Gradually Winning Over Google Maps Users, Report Suggests

At this point, I always use Apple Maps.


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I definitely prefer the look of Apple Maps. The road hazard reporting seemed like it became widely used enough to be (mostly) useful a couple years ago, too. But, the database is still behind Google’s in little ways. I’ve submitted corrections to business entrances in particular.

Where I live, Apple Maps is where Google Maps was in ca. 2010 or so. Limited public transport information (supposedly with real-time updates but Google Maps gives out much more detailed information on early/delayed tram and bus services etc.) and a real-time traffic layer that’s almost useless compared to the one in Google Maps… making it almost useless when moving around on a day-to-day basis and sub-par to the Google Maps experience.

‘Look Around’ was just rolled out here apparently a while back (I snapped a picture of their mapping car on the streets here two years ago so they took their time). We didn’t have that either. Given Apple’s pricing in the EU lately, I’d expect their services to catch up a bit.

All in all it’s still quite some way from deserving its permanent place on the homescreen. Every time I try to use it I end up frustrated and back in Google Maps. :confused:

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IMO Apple maps is way behind, certainly where I use it. I also constantly find it’s missing businesses I need to visit.

In the UK Apple maps postcode leads me to the wrong place where google leads me to the right place.

It’s good to be reminded it’s best in the US, true. #MapBlessed

In the U.S. I find the mobile version of Apple Maps to be close to Google Maps in functionality. But the desktop version of Google Maps has features like the ability to measure distances, determine area, etc. that Apple doesn’t offer yet.


Outside of the U.S. I find that Apple Maps can’t match Google Maps in some locations. For example, I’ve visited a small town near the southern border of Mexico a few times. Apple Maps only displays it’s name on the map. Google has street view.

Neither Apple or Google displays street names because there are none. Or any hotels, restaurants, or running water. But Google sent someone there ten years ago to take pictures.

I hope Google Maps and Apple Maps continue to battle for first place. Both products will benefit from the competition.


I think the biggest strength of Google Maps is Google Places and their reviews. While you have to be a savvy reader just like with any reviews, this is a killer feature that has no competition. For exploration, as opposed to simply getting from point A to point B, Apple Maps is not even close (nothing is).


Also UK.

I much prefer Apple Maps’ design (seriously Google - light grey on white while driving?), but the directions aren’t great. AM has lead me to a dead end trying to get to a street and to the wrong side of a dual carriageway adding 15 mins to a drive because… actually, I’ve no idea why. Google Maps works every time and is accurate. I’ve commented before, Apple Maps has tried to route me through a military base.

Apple Maps’ journey time estimates have much improved, but Google is staggeringly accurate and its alternate route suggestions are useful.

I’ve started using this a lot. The reviews are (within reason) pretty useful and regularly updated.


Hope you hid your Kalashnikov. :grin:

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In addition to the written reviews, many Google Maps/Places reviewers (and the Place owners themselves) post photos which can be helpful to decide if you want to go to a Place.

Another, related feature is the ability to create custom lists of Places. For example, we just took a trip to Italy. I made three custom lists (Italy-Rome, Italy-Tuscany, and Italy-Other) where I saved each Place we wanted to go. These were mostly restaurants, but also included two small lakes out in the countryside, shops, and historic sites.

When you go to a list in Google Maps, it shows you the Places you saved sorted by distance from where you are. You can also store a note for each Place you save. This feature has made traveling much more convenient. We can be in a city and look at the list we made for that area and see everything we saved. Click on a Place and within a moment you’re at the Directions screen.

I believe Apple Maps also has the ability to save custom lists of places, called Guides. But it doesn’t have the extensive reviews database that Google Maps has (again, be a savvy reader for any reviews).

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