Apple Maps traffic time estimate - new feature?

I was driving on I-17 in Arizona and we hit a bad patch of traffic. Siri announced there was an accident up ahead. I then looked at the map and saw Traffic with a time estimate of 1 hour 18 minutes to go through the red patch, which was between 1-2 miles. I thought this must be some bug, no way can it take over an hour to go 2 miles on a highway. But sure enough, it took 1 hour and 15 minutes and there was a bad accident at the end of it. My question is, is this traffic time estimate a new feature of iOS 15? I’ve been using Apple Maps for years and don’t remember seeing this before now.

I am not 100% sure, but I think so. The other thing that I started to notice that I can report an accident or other road related issues while driving.

Right, I noticed that too. When we got close to the accident site, it asked if the accident was still there or had it been cleared.

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I wish more people were aware of this, so Maps could be a good replacement for Waze. Where I am, I think I have yet to see anyone report a traffic incident, speed trap, etc., in Maps, and I’ve started using the app more and more for shorter trips.

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