Apple Music and Apple TV (post iTunes Split) - Using Them With Media Assets on External Drive

So following up on the MPU Episode #515, I finally decided on getting a large external hard drive to house my music and movie collections.

I picked up the WD MyCloud Home. Stephen and David had referred to a couple of my emails to them within the context of the podcast.

  • I migrated my Apple Music/Apple TV (Formerly iTunes) music and movies files to the external hard drive, basically replicated the iTunes doc tree.
  • I am now ready to have Apple Music and Apple TV mac OS apps use the media (music, movies) that are now on my external drive (not sure what the proper terminology is for this) so I can then clear out extra disc space on my iMac computer HD that is being used up by Music and Movies files.

Does anyone know of any detailed online articles that detail how to do this now that Apple Music and Apple TV are split/separate apps post iTunes split up?

I tried following instructions from a few articles (link below) I found via googling but that didn’t work.

PC Mag | Move iTunes Library Catalina

  1. I went into Apple Music/TV preferences and selected the external HD library
  2. It went through the process of ‘reading’ the files and meta data on the External HD
  3. The weird thing is that Apple Music then prompted me to set up a new directory and that is what threw me off.

Anyone with any help here would be appreciated!