Apple Music Cloud Status: Blank and No Longer Available

I noticed that Music App I have a quite a few tracks which have a blank iCloud Status. Any idea what it means when they are blank? If I get a new device will I be able to download those tracks to the new device? If I get the info for the track and go to the file tab there is no mention of Cloud Status. However, if I do the same for a song which has a cloud status of purchased, matched, uploaded it does show the cloud status in the file tab.

Also I have a number of tracks from Albums I may have bought from the iTunes Store show as “No Longer Available”. What does this actual mean? Can I download those to new devices as well?

I tried googling but couldn’t find much info.

You are referring to the dotted cloud symbol?

If the license owner decides to pull content from Apple Music, the content is gone. There is no way for you to get it back, if you did not “own” it. I have been an Apple Music subscriber for several years and I am amazed how much content does get pulled eventually.

If you have purchased the pulled content previously, you should be able to re-download it because you purchased it. Technically, that is no Apple Music content, but good old iTunes store content. Previous purchases can be downloaded “indefinitely” (well, it should be that way).

If it is content that was previously uploaded to Apple’s servers (matched content) from your local library, you should be able to re-download it because you owned it before (ripped content from a CD). Technically, this is no Apple Music content, either.

That’s the theory behind the stuff. Sometimes, libraries get messed up and then you might have to do some debugging or even to contact Apple.

More on the topic:

In the mentioned article you can also find a section “Learn more” that deals with different scenarios.

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And geographic restrictions mean that people you follow are listening to music you not only cannot listen to but can’t even find out about. I follow several dozen people in Japan and this is what my 'Friends Are Listening To" looks like right now:

Yes, it’s a mess… :frowning:

I’m not talking about cloud download icon, but instead the Cloud Status column which contains text such as: Matched, Purchase, Uploaded, etc.

I’m aware with Apple Music they may remove tracks at anytime. I’m more concerned about the Cloud Status of “No Longer Available” and Blank for stuff which was in my iTunes Library long before Apple Music.

I contacted Apple Support and they said for the blank status: “This means you have either previously bought those songs in iTunes store or had them ripped from CD.”

I showed him a screenshot where I have one album (which I imported from a CD years ago) in which some of the tracks are listed as match, some are uploaded, and most are blank. I would have though they would either all be blank or all have the matched/uploaded status.

In the end I think their cloud status is buggy.