Apple Music experiences

I’ve started a trial of Apple Music, and I’m trying to figure out how to create a playlist of all of my Loved music.

From my investigations so far, it seems:

  1. You cannot create a smart playlist on iOS
  2. Even when using a Mac, the smart playlists only read from your Library

What I am doing:

  1. Use the Listen Now tab
  2. Listen to a song that I like and want to save
  3. Flag the song as “Loved”

How do I see all of my Loved music in one playlist so I can listen to them later? It seems I need to add them to a playlist manually?

My understanding of the “Love this” button is that you’re feeding their algorithms with what you like. This means the service will better learn what you like to inform the automated lists you have access to, like “New Music Mix” and “Chill Mix” and “Get Up! Mix”.

If you want to “mark for later listening” then you do indeed need to add them to a playlist explicitly.

At least, that’s as far as I have understood it in my time using the service.

It is like @zkarj has said: the heart button is for training the algorithm to help Apple Music with suggesting the music you like.

If you want to find a song later on, you have to add the song to your library or to a playlist.

Thanks all. On another note I’m super surprised there is limited support for 3D Touch (or press and hold as it is today), not can I “Love” a track from the iPhone Lock Screen.

It also seems you can’t follow an artist so I’m notified when they release music.

Does anyone have a nice workaround for this?

You could use an app such as Music Harbor to follow artists, concerts, etc., and receive notifications.


At the bottom of “Listen Now” is new releases for artists in your library or you like. It’s not perfect, but every band I like has shown up there.

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I second @anon41602260’s recommendation for Music Harbor. It’s a very well done app that does exactly what you want… new releases from artists you care about.