Apple Music - Import/Export XML File - Please help!

Ok guys hopefully the power users can help me…

Glitch in Apple Music the other night - 200 (genre - alternative) albums deleted:

I have resolved this manually due to a list I happened to have, however to avoid it happening again I CAN’T:

  • Back up using Time Machine as a cloud service

  • Use my data download from Apple as will still need manual intervention to add the music back in

  • Import an XML file (have managed to get a playlist (XML) to export and import, but the example music I used returned all the historical data but was missing my ‘comments’ and the tracks were in grey and no use as an audio file - 0KB)

Is someone out there who has 100% successfully exported and then imported data back in from Apple Music (NOT ITUNES)?

Just giving this a bump in the hope someone who can help may see it!