Apple Music Lossless and Purchased tracks

Hey everyone, I’ve been diving into the lossless music on Apple Music (AM) and have been really impressed - the catch has been that my purchased library files are, of course, the standard iTunes 256 kbps AAC format instead of AM’s high res ALAC format. Since most of the albums I bought are also on AM in better quality now I was hoping to hotswap them in place with a quick delete and redownload but because of AM’s strict match feature this does not work. It seems like the only solution to this is to delete the purchases from my library altogether and add in the Apple Music versions in their place…

Am I missing a more straightforward method here? Kinda anxious to delete my purchases even with a local backup as I’m afraid they will delete the purchase record as well.

Lossless tracks are not available for purchase or iTunes Match. They are only available in Apple Music streaming.

See the final paragraph of this article for but one news source to confirm:

Tried this as well. Based on my experience it does default to playing your purchased music (when it’s on your library) regardless if you click the album on Apple Music. Had to remove the album on my library and play it as is.

Hope Apple will fix this soon.

Saw something yesterday and I’m now more confused than before. Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack for the dark knight (2008) is one of the albums I went back to and I noticed that it was playing in lossless despite being a purchase. I went to my VGM playlist and was surprised to see that many of those tracks which I have purchased were also lossless! At this point it seems as though certain labels are upgrading purchases and others are not.

thanks for the heads up. I’ve checked some of my purchases and it indeed showed up as available as lossless. When I downloaded the same track it appeared as Lossless.

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