Apple Music on Amazon Echo

I saw that! I’ll be getting a little more use out of my echo and echo dots until I get a HomePod.

It’s interesting that Apple is releasing this skill now with the HomePod out.

I assume a family subscription to AM will be needed, otherwise Apple Music on Echo would be an end-run around the family plan.

They don’t require a family subscription for a HomePod. I don’t see why an Echo would be any different.

Echos are associated to your Amazon account and can be anywhere in the world. We have an Echo on our account that’s located 600 miles away at my mother-in-law’s house, for example.

Saw that and rejoiced because I listen to Spotify/Amazon music via Sonos speakers and an Echo. I have no intention of buying a HomePod.

This is such good news to me. Actually, I stumbled upon this post while searching for Echo-related posts here!

We have two older Sonos Play:1s in our house in different rooms. We just bought an Echo dot on Black Friday, and boy is it useful.

I’ve alredy been setting multiple timers at once (chicken, rice, and a kid in time out all at the same time!). We’re controlling holiday lights and lamps since it paired right away with the Smart Things hub. We’re playing music on the Sonos. And just today I got it to tell me the current charge state of my electric car and remotely lock the doors.

I’m hooked.

And I’m also torn.

I love the sound quality of the Sonos. But I love the flexibility of the Echo and how it works with just about everything.

Even though the Echo can control my Sonos speakers, I struggle with getting the echo to play the music service that I want. I even considered for a minute switching to Spotify or even a Amazon Music. But now that I see this blog post from Amazon that Apple Music will be supported soon, I’m going to hold out and see how well that works.

I thought about trying a HomePod, but I am wary of the price. For the price of just one of them, I can outfit many rooms in my home with various echo devices. And still keep using the Sonos speakers in the living room.

I bought a HomePod a few months ago and like it so much I began plotting to replace a bunch of my Sonos/Echo equipment because of how easy it was to access Apple Music. Having Apple Music available by voice through the various Echo Dots I have around the house will give new life to the various Play 1s, Play 5, Playbar/Sub, ConnectAmps … Smart move by Amazon and the team over at Sonos must be breathing a sigh of relief …

Apple Music is now available on Amazon Echo! I set this up this morning. You just need to add a new music service in the Alexa app, select Apple Music and enter your Apple credentials. Now I can play Apple Music on all my legacy Sonos units from the Alexa and all the Dots I have scattered about the house. Sonos has a new lease on life at our house!


Thanks for the heads up!

How did you get it to Sonos? I’ve got Apple Music all set up to work with Alexa, and it plays just fine on my Dots and Echo.

But when I tell the connected Dot to play an artist on Sonos (it’s a Play 1), Alexa pulls from Spotify, even though Apple Music is set as the default. If I try to be more specific, and say, “Alexa, play artist from Apple Music on Sonos,” I get told that Apple Music isn’t available on the device. :frowning:

Good news that it’s arrived. (Early.) I’ve transferred all my Spotify playlists to Apple Music and cancelled Spotify.

BIG difference between Spotify and Apple Music + Alexa. The Spotify app can send music to a connected Echo device — the device can be selected from the Spotify app. That’s not the case with Apple Music. You have to tell Alexa what you want it to play from Apple Music.

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@acavender, it sounds like you’ve got everything set up right. I had everything working just great yesterday. I could say: “Alexa, play Billy Joel in the Kitchen” and it would say something like “Playing songs by Billy Joel from Apple Music in the Kitchen”. And Voila, Billy Joel would start playing on my Play 1s in the kitchen. Today, however, everything I try to play comes out from Amazon Music and it doesn’t recognize anything I try to play from Apple Music. My hunch is they’re working out some bugs on their side. Maybe give this a few days and see if it resolves itself…


At least you have good taste in music!

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I’ve had some bugs as well. AM seems to play fine one one Echo (or independently on many), but speaker groups are hosing it. It will play one song or part of a song and then say “I’m having trouble playing music”. I toggled back to Amazon and back to Apple in my default settings. Here’s hoping that resolve it.

I haven’t had time to play with it yet, but have you looked in the Alexa app under Settings » Music » Default Services? Make sure Apple Music is your default.

Yes, I have Apple Music as my default, and tried toggling it back to Amazon Music and then back to Apple Music, but at least on Saturday, it was still either playing from Amazon or if I specifically asked for Apple Music, would say it was having problems connecting. All this was working great the day before, so I’m guessing the problem is on Amazon’s side. I’ve traveling now, but will give it a go when I get back home to see if it’s resolved.

Has anyone been able to get Apple Music to play on their Sonos via an Amazon Alexa command? I had it working last week when this service launched from Amazon, but since then I’ve had no luck. I’ve set Apple Music as my default service. When I say:

“Alexa, play songs by Billy Joel in the kitchen” Music plays on the Sonos in the kitchen, but it’s from Amazon Music.

If I say: “Alexa, play songs by Billy Joel on Apple Music in the kitchen,” Alexa says: I could not find that on Apple Music and no music plays.

If instead I say: “Alexa, play songs by Billy Joel,” then Billy Joel on Apple Music will play on the Echo speaker itself since I didn’t specify a Sonos zone.

I uninstalled the Apple Music service and reinstalled it, then deleted all my Sonos devices from the Amazon Echo app and rediscovered and installed. Still doesn’t work. It may be that Sonos needs updating.

Anyone else have any luck with this?

Just answered my own question. There’s an active discussion about this over on the Sonos Community Forums. Sonos isn’t supporting Apple Music through Alexa yet, but is looking into it …

Right — it’s not baked in to the Sonos One yet.

I sort of expected that. Still, one would think it would work on a Play: 1 connected to an Echo Dot, since the Dot’s the actual origin of the music. But apparently not yet. Sigh.