Apple Music: Play Unplayed

I would like to see an option in playlists to “Play Unplayed”. I get tired of going to a playlist and hearing the same song again without having gone through the list. I would think the easiest way would be to add a button between the Play and the Shuffle buttons. That would probably also require an option in the playlist to Set All Play Counts to Zero. Any thoughts?

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This is why I used to love smart playlists sorted by last recently played. Not sure you can do that on IOS.

You might be able to do it with Soor.

Thanks. It looks like Soor will work. I’ve had it ever since they discussed it on MacStories, but I never used it that much. It has a lot of filter options, including last played with an ascending or descending sort.

When I posted this, I had MacOS in mind since I was sitting in my room listening to music on my Mac via a Bluetooth speaker system. However, I guess I could always just restrict my playback to my iPhone and output to Bluetooth via the same speaker system. Besides, it looks like the play count is not carried over to other devices since I’ve played a lot of stuff on my Mac but the plays are not showing on my iPhone.

Will give it a try.

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Ah, for some reason my mind jumped straight to iOS. In any case you should be able to set up a Smart Album in the Music app to do the same on the Mac as well.

Soor is working out well. Also, there’s a filter I didn’t notice when I made my reply. There’s one for Play Count, which can be sorted ascending or descending. Ascending does what I was looking for.

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