Apple Music Radio Stations / Playlists For Programming?

Playing around with Apple Music after upgrading to Catalina.

Do any of y’all have a favorite station / playlist for work that requires detail / concentration like programming?

I know this has been discussed in a broad sense before, but I’m looking for stuff specifically in Apple Music. Thoughts?

I listen to pop radio in other languages. One of the best radio stations out there is FIP, in France. They have several types of stations most (all?) of which are now available through Apple Music.

But their [free iOS app](http://Fip – radio & music streams by Radio France) is even better, since it shows you what songs are being played and lets you save favorites, and you can listen on your device or cast to HomePod etc.

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I might like my rock & metal but I listen to a lot of Trance or EBM type music while I’m working as I find anything with a lot of vocals tends to cut across my concentration. Trance / EBM filling my ears helps cut out the noise of those around me but doesn’t (usually) introduce a distraction of it’s own.
I’ve found that podcasts are actually a great resource for having loads of freely available music, there’s quite a number of artists that put out a new show on a weekly or monthly basis and quite often there’s huge back catalogues to work though.

A couple I like are:

  • Pure Trance Radio with Solarstone
  • Global Trance Grooves - John 00 Fleming

Afraid that doesn’t make the best use of your Apple Music subscription though!

I am a programmer who listens to Apple Music a lot. I’ve found a lot of the chill mixes to work well for me and I also create radio stations based off of individual songs (like Boards’ “Happy Cycling.”) But I wanted to mention this particular album, a game soundtrack: