Apple Music Replay 2020

This is the time of the year where I’m slightly jealous of Spotify users because of their user’s year-end report. I love the data that Apple Music showcases but one of the things that Spotify was able to do best were the social sharing aspect. If you share your Music replay on social media (which only allows Facebook and Twitter), both platforms that I don’t actively use will only provide you with a link to a website. If you want to screenshot the data, you can’t, because the album is displayed horizontally. I had to resort to making an iPhone layout of my Apple Music Replay on Affinity Photo. Here is the result which I plan on sharing on Instagram Stories:

We spoke about this on Connected today. Seems like a big miss for Apple not to have something much more like Spotify Wrapped, which just takes over social media every year.

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Just checked my podcast app today but I don’t see the latest episode. Will it be uploaded soon?

The potential social features make business sense. I really wish the presentation was better and integrated into the music apps. I work in marketing and we get clients requesting the Spotify end-of-year look for some things–never happens with Apple, even though their white background aesthetic gets used by other brands.

Just for fun, apparently these are my albums. Most of these are just me trying to get work done…

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It is also easy to discover the feature on Spotify. With Apple Music, you need to have the URL link, login to it before you get your result. The Music app will only show the Replay playlist.

Been up for several hours.

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