Apple Music rolling out feature to notify you about new music from your favourite artists

In two words: oh no.

The “New Music” feature at the bottom of the “For You” tab on Music has rarely been useful to me. Most of the new music is from artists I happen to have listened to once. I think artists even abuse the feature. There are often re-releases of albums and remixed singles there, instead of actual new music. (For a while, Foo Fighters was constantly on the forefront of the list because they kept re-releasing different collections of tracks as singles. They literally just gave the singles numerical titles.) Meanwhile there’ve been more than a few cases where an artist I love has released something new and it doesn’t show up, leading to me finding out months later.

In lieu of an effective New Music feature on Apple Music proper, I’ve been delighted by MusicHarbor. MusicHarbor provides a stellar “new music” experience—and it does a great job of finding nearby concerts, too.

Thankfully it looks like you can opt out of Apple Music’s official New Music notifications feature.

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Sadly, my favorite artists are either retired or dead, so a useless feature to me as well.


That’s funny, it’s the tab I use most. I follow several dozen people with amazing musical taste (and no one else, to perhaps the disappointment of some friends/relatives), and seeing the recently played albums of people I follow is probably the most valuable thing that sets AM above Spotify for me.

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Ah, @tomalmy, I hear you. Some of those artists still “release” music occasionally, though—a new recording from Miles Davis came out just the other day (something from 1960).

@bowline I love the tab, don’t get me wrong! It’s just the “New Music” row at the footer that’s problematic for me.

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I see, and I partly agree. For example, I’ve never followed Justin Bieber, and I’m not interested in anything by him, but I have listened to a couple of singles of his in the last year… and now AM has decided to let me know about his new releases. Also, AM has a bad habit of telling me about new remasterings of decades-old music, like Beggar’s Banquet. And I listened to a jazz channel once, and didn’t like it, but since at least one person I follow listens too I get informed about new channels, in which I have no interest.

Still, overall the new releases can push forward some interesting music, so I don’t mind it. The list is at the bottom so it’s easy to ignore. And if you use a 3rd-party app that utilizes Apple Music’s API, like the excellent $4.99 Marvis, you can hide sections you don’t want to see.

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Are these going to be different than the notification service notifications that an artist has a new album? Those have tended to be conservative—usually only when I’ve added an entire album by the artist to my library.

Looks like this feature appears in Library, not For You. Pic from Reddit post:

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Just learned it’s a setting you need to manually select, in

Music > For You > Avatar-icon > Notifications