Apple Music Smart Playlists

I make a lot of unplayed smart playlists. I will set the criteria as “Plays is 0” and another variable such as
“Artist is XXX” or “Genre is YYY” or whatever I want to filter for. The basic idea is I only get songs that I haven’t heard, at least since resetting the play count. I set up these playlists in the Mac app and they carry over to the iOS and iPadOS apps just fine. It increments play counts on the Mac app and the songs are removed from the smart playlist. However, it seems like the play count on the iOS app, which is where I listen to a lot of my music, doesn’t get incremented because played songs aren’t getting removed from the playlist.

Any thoughts on why this happens (or doesn’t happen)?



Are you playing the song till the end? The last time I checked, even if I play the entire song and stop it with 1 sec remaining, that doesn’t add to the count.

Thanks, Tav. Yes, I am. The played tracks are still there even after letting the playlist play through several tracks.

You made me think about something that I hadn’t checked before. I just checked the smart playlist on the Mac app and the ones I played on iOS are still showing 0 plays on the Mac. It appears that the iOS app is not “reporting” plays back to Music. Maybe iOS is not designed to increment play counts, but it looks like it’s not a problem in the smart playlist, itself.

Pending further investigation…

This seems to be a widespread problem. I just tried to play a few tracks from a regular playlist in the Mac app, and the play counts there aren’t getting updated.

If I had any hair, I’d be pulling it out!

Update: Now I’m not even getting play count updates on a regular playlist played in the Mac Music app.