Apple News App... thoughts?

The simplicity of Apple News makes this app appealing to me. I have tried Microsoft News, Appy Geek and a few others recently but I keep returning to Apple News. I don’t even have the BBC app installed as I can access most if not all the content via Apple News. Notifications have been switched off as I couldnt deal with the constant bombardment about things such as Love Island.

Are you using the app and if you are what do you think of it? Also I’m interested to know if anyone is on iOS 12 and what any changes may be forthcoming ?

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I agree. Apple News is the best I’ve found.

My reasons:

  • Most appealing reading experience (typography, UI)
  • Best at surfacing articles of interest to me (the home screen has areas dedicated to the topics I’ve selected)
  • Yet somehow shows items outside my primary interests that still interest me. Striking this balance is definitely tricky and probably requires all the human oversight Apple has hired in this area. Definitely appreciate the seemingly carefully considered sections on the home screen (trending, for you, best vids/photos/reads, featured).

Notifications are off for me too, but that’s true for almost every app. I wish they’d give more control. I had notifications on for the NY Times app and they seemed to do the best at “breaking news” notices (speed & relevancy) but still not much find-grained control.

Also enjoy using Apple News for all the aforementioned reasons.

I’d like to see it gettig a scheduled updates feature: I’d like the app to auto update at a certain time before I leave the house (ie over wifi) so I could read the news when I’m offline commuting or when I’m on my iPad tethering from my iPhone (the latter is sooooo slow!!)


AFC - I’d like that too, for example if you read tech every day then it would be a nice feature to be able to download it automatically without any user action.

Yeah, using it along with my RSS feed which I read via Reeder.


  • Nice layout. Actually this is the main attraction and the only thing that comes to mind as the primary reason for my opening it.


  • Does not seem to learn from my likes/dislikes. I see a lot of stuff I don’t want to see and no amount of disliking seems to help it learn.
  • Slower than RSS
  • Video seems very buggy and often stutters when the same video would play fine in Safari
  • Sharing is a pain if I’m sharing to a group that includes non-Apple users. I have to send to Safari first to get a link. Wish the sharing would just use a standard web link.

Regarding iOS 12, I’m really happy to have the sidebar on the iPad!

I am “less” happy with the iOS 12 version. I only use it for subjects I want news on. I do not want general news that someone else or some computer thinks I would like. I dislike the “for you/” and the new “spotlight”. I really dislike them putting numbers or changing the color of the buttons at the bottom.

I also use RSS reader for other specific things that I control.

For me general news is too noisy. IT is like when my son was in the army in Afghanistan I did not watch TV news, listen to the radio

I like RSS because I know when I’ve seen all of my unread feeds. With News, does it show you when you’ve read all new content since the last time the app was opened?



Still waiting in Canada. Is it safe to assume that the news app will release with the HomePod availability, considering it will need to access the news? Also, this may be a dumb question, but having never seen it in. Action, does the news app contain ads in the same way, say, the Microsoft one does?

:pensive: Didn’t realize Apple News is currently only available in three countries (U.S., UK, and Australia) until listening to Vector (link below) today on my run. Definitely limits its usefulness for a large portion of iOS users. Surprising since News has been out a couple years but understandable considering how hard it is to build a news org from scratch in any given country.

By the way, this episode is a very comprehensive look at iOS 12 if you’re not already tired of reading/hearing about it yet…

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Just found this workaround for macOS (Mojave) via News’s wikipedia page: