Apple News Crashing

Went to skim the news on my Apple News app this a.m.—it crashed 3 times in a row. Deleted, re-installed, same thing. Any ideas? I’ve upgraded both iPad and iPhone to 12.2 and have the issue on both devices.

I had the same issue on both iPhone and iPad this morning.

In both cases a reboot fixed it.

Hopefully I haven’t just jinxed myself…

It does seem a bit flaky. Might just be heavy volume.

OTOH, while checking out the new features, I got messages something like “this story requires a subscription”, and “you are not authorized” multiple times. I was reading stories from several sources to judge the information available and the quality of the presentation.

I don’t like animated objects on a page when I’m reading, and I especially didn’t like the same large video that showed up frequently.

I was never a fan of the service. The few hours I spent with it yesterday didn’t change my opinion. I cancelled my subscription.

Update: I opened Apple News this morning and received a pop-up saying my subscription had expired, did I want to renew it. No surprise.

When I clicked on No Thanks the app crashed. That happened every time I opened the app. Deleted Apple News and reinstalled. Now it doesn’t require me to click on No Thanks - it crashes automatically.

Opened Reeder, read the news.

Reboot solved the issue for me, so far so good after that.

Reboot worked. Thanks!

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