Apple Notes and Shortcuts

Just dipping my toes into Shortcuts on MacOS…so I may be missing the obvious.

End Goal is to have a Smart folder in Apple Notes that shows just my pinned notes across all my folders. I don’t see a built-in way of doing this so it appears I have to use a #Pinned tag and apply that or take it away when a note is pinned/unpinned.

So I need an automation that will Pin a note, and apply a #pinned tag. If already pinned it would unpin it and remove the tag.

Looking through the Shortcuts app, I don’t see any options for this in the Notes actions, either pinning or applying a tag (looks like I can do it in Bear, but I’m trying to reduce subscriptions).

For shortcuts, am I only limited to what actions I see available to me in the righthand sidebar?

Is this something I’d need a more advanced tool like Keyboard Maestro for (meaning I could only do it on my Mac, not my phone)?

This is probably not what you are needing but if you click on “All Apple” all of your pinned notes appear above the “Notes” label.

Yeah, and that works fine. I was hoping to clean the list up.

Smart Folders seemed a good solution for having both options. And an excuse to see what I can learn in shortcuts.

But it does seem I can do what I want in shortcuts itself.

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I’m pretty sure it’s not possible. The actions only allow plain text note creation/append and features like tags and checkboxes aren’t recognised.