Apple Notes in iPad Not Syncing

I use Apple Notes a lot … on my MacBook Pro (Mojave), my iPhone 8 (iOS 12.2 and my new 11" iPad Pro (also iOS 12.2). Recently some of my most used notes (one I add info to daily) on my iPad are not syncing with my iPhone nor my MacBook Pro (or on iCloud, for that matter). I definitely have “On My iPad” account switched off. I’ve tried hard reboots on all three devices & nothing can make these important Notes on my iPad sync. Any suggestions on what to do to???

I should also add, some notes on my iPad in Notes do sync, but it seems random. My most used & needed notes do not. :frowning:

Thanks for any suggestions.

I don’t have a solution but given the problems, I’d make copy of my most important notes and save them elsewhere until the problem is resolved.

I’d first log into to make sure all your latest complete notes are in iCloud. If so, then since iCloud holds the canonical, latest version of your notes, make sure all devices have the same iCloud account as the default account, then turn iCloud notes off on all your devices, then turn the devices back on.


Good advice … I’ll do that!

Thanks, Prof!

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I had something like that with iCloud Drive on the 11” iPad Pro. My Mac and iPhone would sync everything, but my iPad wouldn’t. It synced my Photos, apps that use iCloud and downloaded files in iCloud Drive but didn’t upload anyhting fron iCloud Drive. I finally swiped the iPad and did a new setup, because nothing else helped. That sucks, but it worked.

You could log out of iCloud on your devices (or just the iPad pro) after you’ve checked the state of notes in the web version. After all notes have been removed from the device(s) then reboot, and log back in to icloud.

I would check that you are logged into the same iCloud account on all of the devices.

Often people have 2 apple accounts. I have an iCloud account and an App Store account.