Apple Notes links in macOS Catalina?

Does anyone know if Apple is changing the way note links work in the version of Apple Notes in Catalina? Today, to create a note link, I have to share it with myself to grab a note. I would love to know if this is changing in Catalina to work more like Bear where you can essentially copy a note link automatically.

Sharing is significantly improved in Catalina. Some screenshots and other info here.

There’s a view-only option that lets you share items so everyone else can see what you do without being able to make changes, and you can share entire folders rather than just individual notes, either with full access or view-only permissions.

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As far as I can see sharing a note is still the same as it is in Mojave. To get the link you have to share with yourself.

I could argue that this is a nice security feature in iCloud, but I won’t :slight_smile:

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No you can Copy Link when you ‘Share People’

I know, but that is the same as it is now on iOS and Mojave.
share, add person, get link, done.

too many steps

the only thing they added was folder sharing…

I can’s speak to changes in iOS 13 but in the current version of iOS you can copy an Apple Notes link without sharing to yourself. You are correct, however, that on the Mac, you have to share with yourself first. It is a strange inconsistency.

It’s the same on iOS 13, share -> copy link -> copy link.

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Poking around on that very same topic I’ve found this hacky workaround to be useful both on iOS and macOS.

I had to make my own AppleScript to make the macOS URL generator work for me. But in the end, it’s working on both systems just fine.