Apple Notes & Multiple Apple IDs

Hey everyone - long time listener/reader, first time post-er ~

I am looking for a solution to an issue I have with Apple Notes (trying to migrate away from Evernote to use Apple Notes)…

I would like for my notes to sync between 2 separate Apple IDs (one work and one personal). My iPad and iPhone are company devices with a work Apple ID, and my MBP is my personal device with personal Apple ID. Is there anyway to accomplish this while syncing to iCloud?

Apologies if this a low-level question, but I’ve tried everything I am aware of. Thanks to any & all support!

PS - Side question - is it possible to send emails to Apple Notes, similar to how you can in Evernote?

  • Jim

You can share notes (one at a time) by inviting someone. I only have one Apple ID but I assume one therefore could share with multiple Apple IDs one controls.

Note that you’d only be able to access one set of discrete notes per Apple ID at a time, by logging in and out.

Thanks for the response @bowline!! I was aware of and have tried this method, but it’s kind of a pain in the butt to do that for each note. And the ability to organize notes and between notebooks seems to disipate.

Cool. Thanks for the overwhelming responses & solutions!!