Apple Notes notifications not working

I have a shared note with my wife which we use as a grocery list. Even though it’s shared and we do not have “Hide alerts” enabled, we don’t get notifications when the other adds to the list. Has anyone else experience this where notifications simply don’t work for Apple Notes?

Never had an issue with sharing a note, sorry.

But FYI my favorite grocery list app is Anylist, which is free and has a huge database of items and can categorize list items (eg produce, dairy) for easier in-store shopping, derives shopping lists from imported recipes (browser extension pulls recipes on command from websites), and more. It lets you share lists for free, or make lists editable by all family members ($12/yr for family), with Mac/web/iOS access. The pay version lets you assign stores to items or lists, offers location-based reminders… and more. Your list doesn’t have to be groceries - I use it for packing lists and items I need to buy at the hardware store - but that’s where it shines.

anylist ipad recipes

I can share it fine. It’s just that I don’t get notifications about updates

Makes sure notifications for Notes are turned on.

Then turn them off.

Then wait a few moments, and turn them back on again.

i actually think i fixed this!

i looked everywhere online cause i had the same problem, and then i accidentally came across what im almost positive is the issue and the fix in my settings while trying to do something totally unrelated

saw that this post is mad old

so let me know if you all are still here haha

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i’m still here i wish you just said how to do it

we’re all here still… Why didn’t you just share the fix… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: