Apple Notes & Reminders; Can't get them to play nicely

I decided to give Notes another try but this time using Reminders as my task manager instead of OF (Mac/iPad/phone).
I want to flag tasks in my meeting note (for example) and get it out of Notes into Reminders to follow up. I thought that this would be straight forward but I’m finding it very cumbersome in that:
No way to batch export tasks so that they parse as individual tasks in Reminders (although I found a shortcut for that)
Tasks appear in Reminders under the title of the Apple Note. The name of the document doesn’t always interest me- The actual task is what’s important to me.
Any ideas? Am I the only person who wants to work like this? How do you guys manage this?

Yes, this is a point of frustration for me as well. This is one of the reasons I posted this experiement with EN, OF, and TaskClone. That combo works very nicely, making it automatic to have tasks in a note show up individually in OF with the link back to EN.

That’s a real bummer. It was the idea of this integration that enticed me. I’m really shocked at how difficult something so simple is. Oh well

You should check out these 2 YouTube videos:

How To Link Your Apple Apps in iOS15

Creating A Reminder from Apple Notes

Thank you for those. I actually watched those videos before posting. I don’t want to name the reminder with the name of the note (many of my notes start with a time stamp or “Daily Note” which is useless).
The only ways I figured out is: cut and paste or drag each task and drop into reminders or this shortcut to batch add reminders from Notes that I adjusted.