Apple Notes - sharing is plain text only?

Is it really the case that clipping (select, share, notes) to Apple Notes is plain text only - I just grabbed a few paragraphs from a few web pages and it appears as plain text - is that how it’s meant to be?

And no link to the page it was clipped from :joy:

Well, that was a short experiment

I assume you’re talking about Safari on the Mac? If so, yes, selected text copies as plain text sans link, while pages show up as links with icons, to which one can manually attach comments before sharing:


I also use Google Keep, and I installed an extension in Chrome to save to Keep. In the example below I selected the headline and first paragraph of an article (which contained a photo) and the extension showed me this:


Then, in Keep itself, I got this (didn’t include the selected photo amidst the text):


Thanks for that - interesting.

The evernote clipper is far more functional it seems.

I keep getting scared/swayed by the evernote-abandoners but each time there is something (like this) that keeps me tied in.

I wish Apple would step up its clipping game into Notes. Would make it so much more functional. But still the app has come a long way!

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