Apple Notes slow to load

I’ve used Notes for years and have a very large number of notes of all kinds stored there. However, in the past year, I’ve noticed the app increasingly loads very slowly. Has anyone else noticed this, especially in iOS? I wonder if there’s some kind of “optimal” database size that has an impact on loading.

I had that problem on a new computer for a few days. It turned out it was syncing to icloud. It eventually got back to normal. I have around 600 notes in mine.

Even after much pruning, I have over 2000 notes that go back several years. If that’s the problem, is there another app that’s better for me? Or a better way to use Notes that avoids the long sync times?

I don’t think the # of notes is the issue based on this There are a bunch of suggestions here:

Notes could be trying to sync back to icloud, or dealing with a recent software update. If it just started, I’d give it a couple days to see if it corrects. If it doesn’t clear up it might be worth having a call to Apple to see if they can figure out what’s going on.

It’s’ been going on for months. I’m having the problem on ALL my devices, which include an iMac 27, two laptops, iPad mini, and iPhone. All of them take a long time to load, which makes taking a “quick note” impossible. Any other apps out there? Is it back to Evernote?

Have you tried to talk to apple support?
Before going somewhere else I’d give that a try

Do you have a lot of file/image attachments embedded in your notes? I have 1200 or so in Ulysses which uses iCloud for sync & it’s blazing fast but all plain text (and no telling if they are using the same mechanisms with iCloud). My Apple Notes has about 250 with lots of attachments & is fast everywhere too though.

Will try this when I have time.