Apple Notes sync errors with tables

I’ve been using Apple Notes to generate tables (of Italian verb conjugations) for me to study in Mac OS and iOS. I’ve noted that iCloud syncing is pretty buggy. e.g. I might change the formatting (underline, font size, bold) and this disappears post sync, OR I correct a mistake and it includes both the original version and the edits. I think this is sync related but I’m not sure. If I make the edits, then close Apple Notes (on MacOS) and reopen the changes in the tables seem to stick. And yes, the problems only seem to be in tables.

Any advice, thoughts, smart solutions?

Thanks all.


The Only suggestion i can offer is that the Table feature needs the OS to match - so it needs i think mojave an a mac and ios 12. xxx the latest - if any one of the devices that has access is running an older os then the tables feature is not supported - I use tables every day and never had the issues you have ? - I also use a shared table and i can watch it update on the shared device in real time if need be - Just a few pointers for you :slight_smile:

Thanks Dave. Very helpful. I’m going to do some investigating and might try some live updating tests.