Apple Notes using Markdown?

My Notes are a mess. I am using Obsidian and Notes… So I really like Markdown.

I would liuke to use AppleNotes more but the one thing which is keeping me is markdown.

Am I overlooking arkdown support in Apple Notes? Is there a way of using Apple Notes with Markdown? OK - I could have a shortcot / Keyboard Maestro sript which converts my note from markdown into rich text - but is there a different way?



I don’t think Apple Notes has a markdown parser, so if you use markdown it will display all the formatting characters, and won’t style the text the way you mark it **like this**


@tf2 is correct; there is no markdown parser in Notes, and I doubt Apple will ever add it as markdown is a niche use case relative to Apple’s global customer base. You can write in markdown, but all of the formatting will remain. You can export the notes with the markdown syntax with the Exporter app and then open the results in a markdown editor, but I see no advantage to that except for archiving the notes, which is what I do. Once a month, I export all of my Apple Notes as markdown and save them in an archive folder.

Exporter app export Options:

Here are screenshots of the original note and the rendered result in iA Writer.

Apple Note in Markdown

Result of Exporter export:

Rendered Result in iA Writer:

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I must say, your involvement with Markdown has certainly become more subtle and evolved over time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, I guess old dogs can learn new tricks. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. Exporter looks useful…

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Follow Up @Bmosbacker : Can I script Exporter to make it an automated backup task?

As much as I’d like to answer your question I’m afraid it is way above my tech pay grade, but I’m certain there are those in the forum who can answer your question. Sorry I’m not more help.

I really wanted to like Apple Notes. But I need markdown export, ideally through copy and paste, and not through an extra tool such as exporter. I wrote several Shortcuts script to address this issue but the fidelity of translation to Markdown was more frequently miss than hit.

I ended up using Craft. I don’t care at all for its insistence on blocks to structure text (that’s why God invented paragraphs), and I am concerned that the devs seem to focus on beauty rather than substance. But taking notes is as easy as Apple Notes, it looks as pretty as Apple Notes, and it handles MD fine.