Apple Notes vs Keep It vs Notebooks

Curious for some thoughts / input on these three options for accomplishing three purposes:

  1. Store a variety of note that may be more complex than just text notes, primarily including tables, lists, etc.
  2. Store PDFs and (infrequently) other files including pictures; the PDFs fall into two categories, comprising files that I need to read and then may keep or delete depending on their value after having been read, and a second grouping which is the PDFs that I have opted to keep after reading;
  3. Easy sync between 2 Macs, iPad, and iPhone.

As I look at these three choices, it seems that:
a) Notes is free; works reliably (at least for me so far); syncs via iCloud; but has somewhat limited formatting (for example tables work but are hardly convenient with the autoresizing of columns, for example; stores PDFs and images but really doesn’t provide a great environment for actually reading the pdfs.
b) Keep It seems reasonably nice, syncs quickly via iCloud, provides reasonable note-taking in Markdown, RTF, and plain text; but does have a subscription model (not al that expensive so worth it if its the best option), and reportedly integrates into the Files app on iOS although I have not yet tested this;
c) Notebooks has the advantage of actually mirroring an existing file system structure on disk (on Mac) rather than creating a parallel structure just for the app as is the case for Notes and Keep It, BUT craps all over that file structure with plist files, and syncing is only via Dropbox (not terrible as I don’t plan to store anything that needs to be kept private, I have a separate file store for that) or a WebDAV server which I don’t want to have to maintain just for this purpose.

Ideas, suggestions?

I don’t mind using Dropbox if necessary, and I understand that some filetypes and bundles simply aren’t supported in iCloud, thus requiring an alternative cloud provider. OmniFocus and Scrivener omit iCloud sync for this same reason.

You can hide the plists in Notebooks on the Mac with a Prefs setting


and I haven’t yet confirmed that the iOS Notebooks app shows plists. Someone here said Dropbox showed the plists, however if the iOS app doesn’t, and my Mac doesn’t, then I’m not really concerned about messiness of a folder in Dropbox that I don’t directly access.