Apple One & iCloud Storage - Confusing Email

Got this from Apple.

Dear Robert Wall,

As requested, your iCloud+ plan will be downgraded to 5 GB on 11/12/2021. However, you are currently using [?].

Unless you take action before your downgrade takes effect, backups to iCloud will stop, and apps will no longer be able to save documents to iCloud. You can either free up storage or cancel your downgrade to keep your current iCloud+ plan for another year.

I’m on a 30-day trial of Apple One, which includes 200GB of storage and ends at the end of November (not the 12th). And I thus cancelled my 2TB plan, because I’m not using anywhere near that much since moving most of my stuff to Dropbox. In total I’m using about 100GB.

I never subscribed to anything for a year, so I have no idea what that last sentence is all about.

Anybody else get a weird email like this when switching to Apple One?

Iirc, “iCloud+” is a rebranding of “paying for iCloud storage,” except it comes with some additional stuff.

So it seems to me what it’s saying is that your AppleOne subscription is ending soon. You don’t have paid storage after that. So either pay for storage after that (iCloud+) or suffer consequences?

My Apple One is set to auto-renew on 11/29.

My paid iCloud+ storage (the 2TB option) does in fact end on 11/12 - but I should have the 200GB from my Apple One. Which I’m under, storage-wise. Hence why I’m confused.

In particular, the “currently using [?]” is what confuses me. Apple, somehow, doesn’t know how much storage I’m using…?

When I switched over to the new plan I got a number of odd emails and prorated charges. I called Customer Service to figure it all out and they said that these were just the automatically generated things that come with the transition from one program to the other. In the end everything worked out perfect and I had no problems with service interruption or file loss, etc. But, to be on the safe side you should just call up Customer Service and make the inquiry. They are always a pleasure to work with in my experience.

Sounds like it’s a standard email that goes out to everyone who’s paid iCloud storage subscription is ending, without checking whether they’re getting additional iCloud storage through some other means. Probably just some bit of code written before Apple One existed that hasn’t been updated.


I would call customer service. Unfortunately Apple One has weird behavior (or at least in my experience) when you pay for one of the services separately.
For me, I had Apple TV separately, I cancelled it and I had AppleOne on trial for the first month. I completely lost AppleTV for the rest of the month; till I started to pay for AppleOne.

If you are on AppleOne trial you might actually lose iCloud.

I got the same email when cancelling 2TB.
I’m guessing the email is sent in error because I should have sufficient storage due to One and paying for 200 GB still (I use 250GB) . I’m also guessing that is the cause of the ? for me, but now I’m doubting that

I’m waiting to see what really happens after the date it ends (Monday?), then react as needed.

I think I’ll be doing roughly the same thing. iCloud isn’t a mission-critical part of my workflow, and from what I can tell Apple doesn’t delete data - they just won’t let you put more in. So I’ll make a quick tarball of the stuff that’s in there “just in case”. :slight_smile:

So, the day came and, although I definitely had chosen to downgrade my storage from 2TB (+ 200GB through iCloud+) to 200GB (+ 200GB through iCloud+), what happened was I just ended up with 200GB and mail and syncing not working for a bit.

I went in and reasserted that I want the 200GB plan, and now everything is fine and I have a total of 400GB storage available.

Defintely some bugs in the system, but my files remained safe as far as I can tell.

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Good to know. Thanks!