Apple online gift cards

I’m going to try not to rant here, please forgive me if I come across frustrated.

My son bought me a gift card for Father’s Day online from, he has javascript disabled on his browser and as a consequence it defaulted to the US store. (This is a fundamental problem Apple should deal with). Problem 1: we live in New Zealand. Problem 2: I try to redeem it and get told it must be present at a “US storefront”.
I call apple support and get a lengthy (45 minute call) where they suggest they’ll try and get an Australian sales team to send me by email a localised gift card. Then the call is closed by Apple. That was a week ago. My son can’t / won’t request a refund as he doesn’t have an Apple ID (nor wants one). Does anybody know of an email address@Apple I can explain my situation? I’m unwilling to go through the phone support again, they treated it as “very hard to resolve” - surely this is a common occurrence?

solved eventually by emailing further up the chain :slight_smile: I recommend ensuring JavaScript is enabled so the country picker is invoked before purchasing goods with an I.D. outside of USA.

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