Apple Pages Mail Merge

The only thing I ever use a word processor for is to print out my Christmas card labels every year. This year as I went to print out my labels I saw they finally (re)added mail merge back to Pages with support for Numbers databases as the source. I thought I could finally ditch the Excel and Word combo, but it looks like one major piece is missing.

When doing labels you want more than one mail merge record on a page. In Word there’s a special “Next Record” field you can add to force the next record instead of using only one record for all the fields per page. I couldn’t find anything similar and there’s not much written about how mail merge now works in Pages other than simple examples online. Does anyone know if there’s something similar in the new Pages mail merge setup?

I know the Apple supported way of printing labels is via Contacts. However, in this case I really don’t want to add a lot of these address to my contacts…

I know you say you don’t want to add to Contacts app … but as I suspect you already have the contact details in a Numbers, perhaps import them from Numbers into a new Contacts List called “Christmas Cards”, print your address labels, then delete that Contact List. Or keep that list if useful.

Might be the quickest way to your goal?

Another option would be to create another user account just for this project. You could export your contacts, save the contacts file in the shared account, then import it into your new account.

When finished, you can either delete the new account or save it for the next time you do something similar.

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