Apple Pages slow on iPadOS, why?

Been using Apple Pages for the past month on my iPad more and more. But now I find it rather sluggish and slow at just simple tasks like selecting text.

The cursor won’t keep up with my commands at the speed one would expect it to.

Anyone else experiences this?

Never saw this on my iPad Pro IOS 14.4.2 with 256 gb (155 gb avail). Perhaps first step (which you might have done) is to ensure your versions are up to date, and to do a re-boot.

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I have. Same versions as well and exactly same ipad. I also experienc it on Word for the iPad tonight. Now I’m just writing straight in Drafts. There are no problems with speed there

Hardware fault? If you have Apple Care, might be worth a call.

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Maybe. It just seems like an odd hardware error that only manifests itself Word processors. Il have a look thanks

Word and Pages consume more memory than Drafts. Maybe a bit of memory is flawed (permanently or not), only accessed with big stuff. Just a hunch. I just don’t think it’s software. Could be wrong.

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I contacted Apple support thanks