Apple Pages Tip: Removing page number from first page

Community Service Announcement for those who use Apple Pages.

In the current version of Pages, if you insert page numbers at the bottom of the page and want to remove the number on the first page but leave the page numbers on subsequent pages, there is no obvious way to do it (as there used to be via the Section tab). In its infinite wisdom, Apple decided for some inexplicable reason, to hide it! (This used to be known as something like ‘First page is different’ or 'Hide on first page of section).

Here is the solution:
“Go to your document and click the Format box. You will see in the document or footer/header, you canNOT get to the section tab. you have to click outside the document to bring up the section tab. There you can continue from previous page, fill, start at a different number, match previous section, etc.”

Took me a while to find this solution.


Thanks, that is helpful and appreciated! By the way, I like the Martin Luther image. :slight_smile:


The Pages team messed me over a few versions ago when they borked the TOC handling.