Apple Pay-anyone work for apple or a bank

I reset my phone to factory settings cause apple told me it would fix a problem I had on my phone. Well it fixed the problem but now I can’t use Apple Pay or cash. I can’t add cards to Apple wallet that were previously in the wallet.

Apple is blaming my bank saying it’s there fault, my bank is blaming Apple saying it’s Apple blocking the card. My bank told me to get a new card and I got a new one and it’s doing the same issue won’t let me add it to the wallet.

My bank is telling me something is blocking the card but they can’t see what it is from there computers. Apple also told me that visa put the block on my card.

I also found that if I go to my bank app and go to digital wallet , I can add my debit card to my Apple Watch but not to my phone.

I found this support article from apple, but I’m not a developer so I don’t know what this means. It’s the last paragraph.

Does anyone know what that means or if you work for a bank or apple any idea how to fix it?

I had a similar problem some time ago after doing a clean install on my iPhone. I tried everything i could think of to fix the problem, and I think removing the card from my iPhone, iPad, and Mac then reinstalling the card on my Mac first was my solution.

Sorry, I can’t be more specific.

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Thank you, will try it. I just don’t get how no one can figure this out at apple or my bank.

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I am a developper, and at a bank, but have nothing to do with the credit card space. All I can say is that typically, support staff are overwhelmed and if things aren’t available in their run books, they struggle to troubleshoot. It gets significantly worse when the problem is with a third party integration (Apple Pay in this instance) because they have limited visibility and tooling. If the internal developers and a next level tech team at Apple were to get together on a call to troubleshoot, then they’d figure out the problem pretty quickly, but trying to organize that from outside is incredibly difficult too. For one thing, the developers also tend to be over worked and juggling many support tickets as well as trying to put out new features and fixes. I wish I had better information to share and I wish I had more helpful suggestions, but maybe this gives you a bit more clarity.

I wonder if something about the card isn’t being recognised as new by Apple. Perhaps your bank offers replacement cards of differing varieties? I.e. straight replacement card on the same account vs entirely new account with card.

I was talking with Apple before, the guy I talked to told me that the article I posted above is only if you put your phone in lost mode, it’s not for my issue. I was still like it sounds very similar to my problem. He thinks the token is bad cause I can add my card to Apple Pay on my watch but can’t add it to my phone.