Apple Pay Cash/Apple Card Help

I had signed up for a website for a month to try it out. When I signed up I did it on Apple Pay using Apple Pay Cash. I have since canceled my subscription. Everything was all good, then saw something I wanted to see, so I signed back up. When I signed up it new I had an account and it said how do you want to pay? I did Apple Pay and then went to the Apple Card click on that, it said I paid and it let me into the website. The next day I find out I used Apple Cash instead of the Apple Card.

Now my question is what did I do wrong so I don’t do it again? This was my first time using Apple Cash, and also my first time using Apple Card this way.

Thanks I’m advance.

When you are in the ApplePay screen, check the underlined part in this screenshot from Apple – I’ve noticed sometimes it defaults to AppleCash if there is any in the account (the idea being that you only used debt if you don’t have the cash). Lately it seems like changes to this stick from transaction to transaction