Apple Pay on MacOS

I’ve currently got all my cards on my phone and HAD them on my computer. Had to restore from backup (screen woes on my M1 iMac) and when I try to authorise my cards (which the Mac knows about) they all fail - across 3 different banks.

Is there anything I need to deactivate / reset to get it to work? Can’t find anything online and banks are closed until tomorrow

I had to go through something similar a little while ago and couldn’t get my cards activated on my Mac. It turned out that I had to have Settings->Software Update->Advanced->“Install system data files and security updates” selected, which I had (I guess?) deselected sometime in the past. Maybe check to see if that’s selected on your Mac?

Thanks - that wasn’t it alas. I get as far as entering the 3 digit code and it doesn’t work

Will call Apple then bank tomorrow

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Good luck! Let us know what it was when you figure it out, eh?

Are you removing the cards entirely and then re-adding them, or just trying to authorize? In the past when I’ve had this problem, the fix has been to remove the cards and re-add them.

However: Security on macOS and the new hardware has been changing at a rapid pace, so this may no longer be the fix.

They’re working fine on the iPhone - do I need to remove from everything?

When I had trouble on Mac, I had to remove the cards entirely from the Mac and re-add them & that fixed the problem. Simply trying to set them up instead of adding them as new did not work.

I did not remove the cards from other devices.

However, this information does appear to sync, so it’s hard to say.

I would contact Apple about this. It’s entirely possible that something has to be reset on their end.

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