Apple Pay switching card during transaction?

Has anyone else experienced this? Using iPhone X and iOS 13, select one credit card from wallet, hold it up to the credit card machine and double click the side button to pay. Then as you wait for Face ID, it switches to a different card and uses that one instead. I just reported this to Apple. Maybe I was holding it wrong (antennagate!) - however, once the card has been selected and the double click has been entered, I don’t see why it should be possible to change to a different card.

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I haven’t experienced this, but you might prefer to do Face ID, then hold your phone to the reader, instead. It’s more natural and you have tons of time to move your phone towards the reader; it doesn’t expire quickly.

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At what point do you do the Face ID - after selecting card, before double click?

I tried using my Watch and didn’t get on with it at all - unclear whether I was not double clicking fast enough or not holding it near enough to the reader due to having my wrist between watch and reader. I already gave up using the Watch in Starbucks and flight checkins because of it timing out. That’s a separate issue but for the Watch I just want to be able to freeze the screen till I choose to unfreeze it.

When I pay with my phone, I double-tap as soon as I pull it out of my pocket and do Face ID as I’m looking at it, like I would to unlock. Then I hold the phone near the terminal. Similarly, when I pay with Watch I double-tap the side button and then extend my wrist to the terminal.

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Further info - I discovered that the card that was switched to had an Automatic Selection option that was enabled. I disabled it. However, other cards do not have this option at all. In any case, I don’t want to use Automatic Selection.

I’m starting to use Apple Pay much more and I like it. But I had two problems with Apple Pay recently,

  1. It wasn’t reading it, I would put it close to the reader but I found out I had to actually touch the reader and and keep it there for a second or two then it will work.
  2. If the person is ringing me up and I get the wallet open it and the card ready to go, when I go to pay no matter what I do it won’t read it. Is it possible that I’m opening the wallet too fast ? Is that normal? Any ideas how to fix the problem?

I’m using an iPhone 6s Plus(I know it’s old , but I’m waiting till September 2020)