Apple Pencil 2 battery sucks

Nothing much to say expect Apple Pencil 2 battery dies quickly and battery can’t be replaced. Warranty over, it dies and so-called Apple genius advice me to buy a new one :man_facepalming:. Short term usage for an expensive accessory.


How much use / how many charge cycles did it get?

Very seldom used, maybe charged it maximum 20 times. Can’t replace battery making it a useless toy

The thing is that this might be the issue. Lithium-ion batteries do not like to be discharged completely. There is a reason why those pencils are being shipped being charged. Just keep it connected to your iPad so that the firmware can do its job keeping the battery in good shape. Or, if disconnected: create a task to connect it after some days.

More on this problem:

I totally get your frustration, though. I also would suggest to contact Apple again like @anon41602260 has suggested.


No consolation, but I have three of these (difference users, different iPads), and none of them have had a battery issue despite heavy use for years and regular charging by being attached to their iPads. I would push back on Apple and demand something better. You have a lemon, and deserve better service.

Call Apple Support number and firmly request to speak to a manager, and then to that manager’s manager if you’re not satisfied. Also consider opening a credit card dispute.

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I think that exactly this is how to keep the Pencil’s battery healthy. The firmware will do its job. :slight_smile:

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Sorry for your experience, that sucks. I use my pencil in “spurts.” Usually some on Thursdays and some on Sundays. Otherwise it’s in my backpack. Thankfully, I’ve never had the battery problems you’re experiencing.That would be very frustrating.

Sorry for your problem. The $80 Apple smart cover for my iPad Pro started coming apart after a few months, but the $17, virtually identical, replacement I purchased from Amazon is still perfect after more than a year. High prices do not guarantee high quality. :frowning_face:


Agreed – “very seldom used” is a recipe for killing a battery. We’re all much better off than dealing with the memory effects of LiOn batteries, but I think we haven’t quite internalized the idea that the current rechargeable batteries will die if held at completely discharged.

For others interested in this topic, I purchased my Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) in November 2018 and it’s still got great battery performance. I use it throughout the day, nearly almost every day. That’s a three year old battery and it matches what I’ve seen with my clients.

In addition, if you’re not a heavy user of the 2nd gen Apple Pencil, the new way to charge it makes it really easy to keep the battery in good shape. (Just stick the pencil on the iPad when you’re not using it – like overnight.)

My only complaint with the 2nd gen is that it stops my car from starting (or doors ulocking). This interference is highly position-dependent, so I can work around it by moving the electronic key closer to the vehicle/ignition switch. But, boy, was I panicking the first few times it happened! The interference only happens when the pencil is “docked” and charging, but I found that if I carry the pencil and iPad in a bag while not “docked”, the pencil’s battery will drop. So they must stay docked in my back, and I just have to remember to make sure the electronic key is close to the exterior of my bag.


Also hoping you can get them to replace it. Of all battery-using devices, the pencils seem to be among the most long-lasting and dependable. Whatever they’re doing in gen 2 to intelligently manage the charge while they’re attached to iPads 24/7 is effective and I’d suggest keeping the next one attached.

The type of batteries used in Apple Pencil really doesn’t like when it’s in the drawer, discharged. Having said that, mine (1st gen) still works OK after at least three years of usage.
And in the worst case you don’t need to shell out hundred bucks or so for a brand new one, you can get it replaced for $29.

Weird, I have an pencil 1 and it is still going strong after like 5 (can it be already that long) years.
Looks like you got a dud.

I have pencil 1 on iPad Mini and pencil 2 with iPad Pro. Don’t use them frequently. No issue with pencil 1 despite bought it earlier than pencil 2. Went to Apple shop, could have been a lemon pencil and they won’t acknowledge. Wasted time and trip there. Nothing I can do. Just disappointed with the entire experience. Paid premium price for crappy product.

Quite literally, it’s on their website that they replace Pencil batteries out of warranty for $29:

Call 'em up and tell them you need the battery replaced. They should be able to sort you out.

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Thanks. Someone else also messaged with similar advice. So-called ‘Genius’ at apple didn’t mention anything about this. Overall a terrible experience with pencil