Apple Pencil 2 - how to store

30 June I bought an iPad Pro 11", an Apple Pencil 2 and the Smart Cover keyboard case.

By the 8th of July, I had already lost the Pencil while travelling.

I am happy with the Smart Keyboard. Worked fine on the aeroplane and my destination but the Pencil’s magnetic attachment is fine while I am using the iPad or at my desk / table. But it is not secure at all while travelling. I thought it was safely stowed in my bag, but apparently not.

At AUD199 a pop, this is going to get very expensive.

What do people use to keep the Pencil safe and secure?

TIA for any suggestions

Same happened to me. I was at the airport, looked down, saw someone lost their Pencil 2 and so I picked it up. It was mine. So I bought this back cover case which holds the pencil in place and also keeps the folio from slipping off which mine was tending to do. Apparently my magnets aren’t as strong as others. It allows everything to be used, adds a little heft and bulk to an already chunky iPad (miss my iPad Pro 9.7). Other than that, it works well.

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Thanks. That looks like a possible solution.

I might see if any other suggestions come up as shipping it to Australia (it’s not otherwise available here) quadruples the price.

I bought a $10 pencil case with an elastic band from Amazon. When I’m traveling about I put the pencil in the case and wrap the elastic band around the iPad which helps keep it firmly closed. 2 birds, one stone for $10!


I have a backpack where I keep my iPad when I’m traveling or commuting. On a plane or public transport I always keep my pencil in the backpack with my regular pens.

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I do the same, keep it with my regular pens in the backpack.

I have Waterfield sleeves for my iPads – they have a small mesh pocket on the outside of the sleeve that is handy for the Pencil and other things.

I can swear by this cover.

The pen fits tightly in the tab on the edge of the front cover.


Thank you, everyone.

All good, practical suggestions. I may have a Waterfield case from my old 10.5 somewhere, but I wasn’t as happy with it as the Apple sleeve.

Otherwise, will have to resort to using the pen slots in my bag.

Katy did mention one time someone who makes leather sleeves like Apple’s but at a much more affordable price. I don’t remember their name however.

I have a sleeve with a zipper pouch. Pencil stored there. Not lost yet. (also a slot for me to put my Kindle). Recommended.

Cool. I found the old Waterfield sleeve. Tight fit (with the Smart Keyboard fitted). Will see how it goes.

Same thing happened to me… I now use a Stylus Sling Pencil Holder. Pricey, but it works and while it is not unobtrusive, the trade-off of not losing the pencil is worth it!

Here’s the link:

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This is what I have (or something like it). $6.00

MoKo Pencil Case Holder Fit with Apple Pencil 1st Gen, Pencil Sleeve Pocket PU Leather Case Zipper Pouch Cover with Elastic Band Fit with iPad Mini 5 2019 Pencil (Only) - Space Gray

Thanks, guys.

That gave me some ideas on the amazon store.

Went with this one (given the price and it was available for delivery tomorrow).

For that price, if it doesn’t work out, I can graduate to the Stylus Sling if necessary.

do you have a link to that one? sounds interesting :slight_smile:

After scuffing all the side of my iPad Pro I decided I needed more protection than the folio case.

I bought an OtterBox case from the Apple store and this also protects and holds the pencil perfectly (as well as the side of the iPad).

100% recommended if you’ve had problems with it falling off.

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thanks @anon41602260 looks like a nice one! good tip!

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