Apple Pencil random disconnect

Hey guys. I have browsed the topics both here and online generally, and I believe this is fairly unique.
I use apple pencil in my work as a pilot, to mark down important info while flying. The pencil is a wonderful way to do this and I have just about only good things to say.

However: While the pencil stays connected very well most of the time, about once a day ill put pencil to screen and get nothing. I am mostly in goodnotes while flying, and the pen tool still shows a Bluetooth connection, and in my battery widget, the pencil is still connected (and in Bluetooth settings, it shows it’s connected). But it just isn’t.

I’ve tried quitting goodnotes, but it’s not an app issue, as the pencil in this state won’t work with any apps. What’s strange is that it shows a connection but doesn’t work.

I have to quickly plug the pencil in (no dialogue box pops up when I do this like it doesn’t when you first pair), and then it works. The problem is I have a rugged case for the Ipad and getting the pencil in quickly while I am flying is not easy!

Any advice (besides general re-pairing, hard resets and restarts, which I have tried and no change) would be much appreciated. Thanks! (also, the battery is well charged when this happens).

I’ve experienced disconnects with my Pencil 2 and new iPad Pro 11". Usually two ways: the pencil quits inking for a second, and then resumes; or, the pencil is connected to the magnetic docking point but loses its connection to the iPad. (Stops charging; not inking when it’s first removed from the magnetic doc.)

This is all transitory and really not an issue.


I never used my original Apple Pencil enough to run into problems like these. One thought is that the Logitech Crayon uses a different sort of wireless connection. Perhaps it might be more reliable?

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Weird timing: I JUST got back from the local Apple Store (Town Square? Village?). I have been having connection problems with my Pencil since updating my iPad to 12.2, the pencil refused to pair. The Apple guy plugged it into another iPad, it came back to life and paired with my unit immediately.

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